Since 1993

DUENDE builds relationships. We build inner connection with the self and outer connection with others.

DUENDE's unique training process is called 'Self-With-Others'.

DUENDE builds strong individuals, ensembles, collectives and communities. We build confidence and skill. We build presence and fearlessness.

DUENDE work is based in training and creativity. We grow from performance traditions and reimagine them for today’s performers and communities around the world. We respect the past, but build today to improve tomorrow.

DUENDE's work is intercultural and transnational. We build networks, conversation and understanding across disciplines, cultures and borders. Our work respects difference and celebrates connectedness.

DUENDE’s work is intergenerational. We work from lineages, respecting and exploring the wisdom of those who came before us. We reimagine and reframe that wisdom for today’s generations. We respect equally the wisdom of maturity, and the need for emerging generations to question, reinvent and rebel.

DUENDE’s training, Self-With-Others, is a principle-based, psychophysical training adaptable for both performers and non-performers.

DUENDE was established in 2010 by Artistic Director John Britton.


DUENDE’s work is split into four areas:

The DUENDE School of Ensemble Physical Theatre - training for performers
Community & Corporate Workshops - training for non-performers

Please have a look around and contact us if you have any questions.


DUENDE was established in 2010 to create interdisciplinary physical performance rooted in ensemble and shared training.

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The DUENDE School

DUENDE performers learn to develop, grow and adapt throughout life- long creative careers.

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Community & Corporate

In addition to training performers, DUENDE trains non-performers. DUENDE’s core training is used extensively by health workers, therapists, community builders, educators and business.

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