DUENDE is an international collaboration of artists committed to ensemble performance.

Under the Artistic Directorship of Eva Tsourou, DUENDE creates live, unique, unrepeatable performance events in theatres, found spaces, dance studios, the natural environment, and anywhere else that makes performance possible.

DUENDE runs an exhaustive programme of workshops and performance residencies across the world.

DUENDE’s work is physical, rigorous and joyful, a unique combinations of structure and improvisation.

DUENDE’s work is based in Self-With-Others, a way of training individuals in ensemble developed by John Britton.

DUENDE’s work is inter-disciplinary, physically skilled, dynamic, immediate. It embraces theatre, dance, circus, improvisation, site-specific performance, music and other performance languages. It’s foundation is the live interconnection of performer and audience.

DUENDE’s work demands high-level performance skills from all collaborators, placing physical and vocal excellence at the heart of the performance experience.

DUENDE’s work is international in conception and realisation.

DUENDE’s work is absolutely, uncompromisingly LIVE. It is performance that happens here, now.

Since 2010 DUENDE has: Created three DUENDE shows;
The Shattering Man (2010)
Echo Chamber (2012)
The Hour of the Mayfly (Urban Animal: Chapter One) (2018)

Run an ongoing series of entirely improvised performance nights in the UK, Australia and Greece (‘Collision’)

Hour of the Mayfly, Athens 2018

Created three large-scale student productions at Hudderfield University (UK) – ‘Re:Occupation’, ‘Frankenstein’ & ‘1984’

Delivered regular residential workshops – most especially on the Greek island of Lesvos (‘Performing at the Edge’) and in India

Delivered short and medium-length training workshops across India, Asia, Australia, North and Central America, Europe

Company Structure

The company is led by its Artistic Director Eva Tsourou (Greece)

DUENDE has a number of Associate Artists who DUENDE supports, encourages and collaborates with whenever possible. Associates join the company for a fixed period (which sometimes is extended). Currently the team of Associates is:

Anthi Roropoulou (Greece)
Thekla Gaiti (Greece)
Judita Vivas (Lithuania/UK)
Fenia Chatzakou (Greece)
Tamsin Harding (UK)
Zoe Katsilerou (Greece/Scotland)
Aimilia Siafarika (Greece)
Katherine Jett (USA)
Mei Jioyin (China)
Rebeca Medina (Colombia)
Sara Fonseca (Colombia)
Marco Aurelio di Giorgio (Italy)
Dariya Trubina (Italy)
Alix Konadu (Belgium)
John Gustavson (Sweden)
Nefeli Stamatogiannopoulou (Greece)
Noa Simhony (Greece/Israel)
Stephanie Arsoska (Scotland)
Yorgos Styl (Greece)

DUENDE Ltd. is a Company Limited by Guarantee, registered to trade by Company’s House (UK)

Self With Others

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Self-With-Others is the heart of DUENDE’s work and is the result of over twenty years research and experiment by John Britton. Self-With-Others is an approach to training individuals within ensemble. Self-With-Others is a holistic (psychophysical) training that works towards the integration of thinking and doing.Read More

The Ball Game


The Ball Game is the heart of Self-With-Others. Though one of the most common of training exercises – we stand in a circle and throw balls in random patterns – it is nonetheless the element of this training which yields the most extraordinary insights, frustrations, triumphs and laughter.Read More



DUENDE’s work and Self-With-Others has been the focus of a number of articles in academic and non-academic journals and magazines, including “Training For Dance, Theatre and Performance” (Routledge) and Total Theatre. It has also been examined in a number of PhD theses.Read More