October 3rd – 18th 2020

‘I loved the simplicity in your teaching. It was very clear and understandable. I greatly appreciate that.’

How much – or how little – do we need to do, to communicate with our audience?
When is our performance too much? When not enough? How does our body carry and communicate character?
How do we grab and hold attention?
How do we structure and sustain performance?

You are invited to ‘The Body Talks!’ – a two week online journey of rehearsing, conversation, making, self-reflection and technical skills development.

In front of a live audience or a camera, our first job is to be present. Through our presence we attract and sustain the attention of our audience. We reach across the gap that separates us from them, and make them want to spend time with us .

Getting the audience’s attention is a start, but is not enough. We need to reward their attention. We need the technical, expressive skills to communicate character and story. We need to do enough to keep them watching, but not too much that we leave them bored and patronised – as if we don’t trust them to work out anything for themselves..

We need the inner strength of confidence and charisma, and the technical skills of structure and communication. Technique without presence is empty and soulless. Presence without technique means, though we can make the audience watch us, we cannot communicate with clarity. Charismatic performance combines presence and performance technique.

This two week online course offers clear approaches to developing both the inner life and outer skills a performer needs.

The course starts and ends with an online talk and discussion with John Britton. In between you will be set a sequence of tasks to explore in your own time, sharing your work online with other participants, receiving their feedback. All feedback will be constructive and positive – examining the question, ‘what did the audience see/feel/think when I performed?’


Day One: Online conversation/talk: Introduction to the course, the pedagogy, the tasks and each other.
Day One: Task 1 – The mechanics of character movement
Day Four: Task 2 – Structuring sequences of gestures & using objects
Day Seven: Task 3 – Space and Senses – becoming present
Day Ten: Task 4 – Rhythms of and in performance
Day Thirteen: Task 5 – Manipulating and communicating text
Day Fifteen: Online conversation/talk – Review of the course and questions arising

You can do the tasks at whatever time of day suits you, you can respond immediately and instinctively, or work in huge detail with meticulous preparation. After all, every performer is different. But you must complete your task before the next task is due. I define the journey. You define how to travel it (much like performing).

You will be asked to watch films others upload after each task and comment on them. You will comment on what you understood when watching other people’s work. We are trying to understand how to communicate, so we need to know what other people read in our performances.

The course will not run with fewer than four participants as learning from other students is integral to the process. The maximum number of participants is 10.

The nature of the learning in this course means that it is suitable only for people with the self-disicpline and self-motivation to respond appropriately to the tasks that are set. Your responses  – both to the tasks and to the videos other students post – is INTEGRAL to the success of the course.


Starting: Saturday, 3rd October.

Ending Sunday, 18th October

Price: £150.00: Early Booking discount (before 25th September: £125)