DUENDE has a community of Associate Artists connected to the company. These are artists from various disciplines and at various stages of their careers, all of whom have some connection with DUENDE training.

They form a community of mutual support, collaboration and communication - both with DUENDE and with each other. DUENDE collaborates with its Associates when we can, though we also work with other Artists when appropriate.

DUENDE Associates connect with the company for a time and then move on, as we invite new people to join us. It is a continually evolving experiment in the construction and development of transnational, interdisciplinary on/offline community.

Fenia 2

Fenia Chatzakou

Fenia is a dancer at Bodhi Project, which is an Artist in Practice dance programme based in Salzburg. Having come from an intense dance training into ballet and contemporary dance, her interest mainly focuses on the body’s possibilities to move and express itself in different ways. Having the privilege to work with renowned choreographers of various dance styles, she has understood the importance of adaptability and transparency that the performer needs to maintain in order to dive into each creation with honesty. These are skills that she is deeply interested to explore in this journey. Her intention is to expose herself in different body languages and see how the body’s physicality is influenced by an idea, a storyline, a spoken language, an imaginary world etc and finally, how this process transforms the individual and his world.  


Sara Regina Fonseca

Sara Regina Fonseca is a Colombian dancer who lives in Bogotá. She started studying contemporary dance and classical ballet in her hometown Bucaramanga since she was 8, attending what was then the Escuela Departamental de Danza (DICAS). Later she moved to Cali, to finish an artistic secondary school with emphasis on classical ballet at the Colombian Institute of Ballet (INCOLBALLET). She did a BA in Dance Theatre at the Laban Centre in London, and then finished a Post-graduate Course in Theatre Studies and a Master in Dance Studies at the University of Stockholm. As a university teacher, she has worked in Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana de Bucaramanga -one course-, Balletakademien of Stockholm -part of the staff-, Dancehogskolan of Stockholm -seminar- and Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá where she is working since 2011. She is currently working on physical improvisation with independent artists, dancing occasionally with local companies and being part of the performance group La Bestia. In 2019, Sara co-directed two works: Cancionero para Señoritas which won a grant for dance creation from IBERESCENA, and Iris which won the Residency for Dance Creation of Detonos Festival in Bogotá. She also coordinates de Area of Research and is a member of a Colombian network which organizes the National Congress of Dance Research.

marco 3

Marco Aurelio Di Giorgio

Born in Venice and currently studying directing and cinematography in Moscow, and with a classical music flute diploma and a degree in languages, civilisations and sciences of language, Marco Aurelio met the DUENDE training in 2017 and graduated from the DUENDE School of Ensemble Physical Theatre the same year. Driven by thirst for knowledge, unapologetic joy of being and respect of the elder, Marco Aurelio believes Art consists of storytelling, play, and ritual, as a means of finding and establishing one’s place in the world, and as a means of enjoying, exciting and amplifying life and honouring (or redeeming, or resisting, or defeating) time. He conducts his own artistic research, mainly guided by his theatre training with DUENDE and with actor and director Mamadou Dioume. On a practical level, these trainings were enriched by the personal encounters and research of different kinds of dance and martial arts, Core Shamanism, and by a master course with the Workcenter of Jerzi Grotowski and Thomas Richards. On an observational and theoretical level, this research is enriched by the encounter with literature, classical and Eastern philosophies, ritual traditions, history and anthropology, psychology and neurology. The aim of this research is to craft contemporary ritual that may truly bring to harmony the fragmented push-and-pull of forces that animate our time.


Thekla Gaiti

Thekla is a Greek actress, singer and performer based in Athens. She has worked with Greek and international directors, producers, singers and composers in theatre and cinema productions and concerts. She was the leading singer of “Klein Mein”music band, with which she was given the opportunity to sing along with famous Greek artists in small and big concerts all over Greece and make numerous TV appearances. Lately, she’s been singing with “Perseus Dream”, an experimental trip hop music band. In her work as a performer, she is interested in exploring nudity and finding new artistic ways of expression through the naked body. She has participated as a model in conceptual photography projects, several of which have gained distinction in International Photography Contests. She is an Associate Artist of DUENDE, an international collaboration of artists committed to Ensemble performance, teaching the Duende performing technique "Self-With-Others" in Athens. Currently, she is working as an actress in cinema and theatrical productions based in Athens.



John Gustafsson

John Gustafsson is a physical performer based in Uppsala, Sweden. He started practicing solo improvisation and performance through a longer workshop with Sharar Dor and has since then been exploring his physicality through workshops, festivals, performances and his own practice. He is a multidisciplinary performer with a foundation in acrobatics, circus and dance and he likes to move in-between the gradients of movement and dance, creation and training, choreography and improvisation. After finishing at The DUENDE School of Ensemble Physical Theatre in Athens he founded the multi-disciplinary performance group "Den Utökade Familjen (The Extended Family)". Since then he has been part in creating shows at Gottsunda Dans och Teater in Uppsala and dancing in a theatre adaptation of Ingmar Bergman's "The Seventh Seal" at the Uppsala Stadsteater.

Photo Credit: Micke Sandström


Tamsin Ella Harding

Tamsin is a trained performer and dancer based in Sussex. A lover of physical theatre, she is particularly interested in widening the spectrum of physical theatres, within dance, immersive & children’s theatre. She has been dancing Brazilian Forró for many years and teaches regularly in Brighton. Tamsin first worked with Duende in 2015 in Athens and returned for more Duende training in 2016 at the Lesvos Performing at the Edge residency. In 2017 she returned to Athens to develop her solo show under John’s direction. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies from the University of Surrey and also works as a supporting artist in TV & Film.


Katherine Jett

Katherine Jett is a theatre artist, dancer, and writer based in Seattle, Washington. She holds a BFA in Theatre from Cornish College of the Arts and has trained with John Britton and members of DUENDE in Seattle and on the island of Lesvos. As an actor in Seattle and in Nashville, Tennessee, she has performed across many disciplines; and her original work as a playwright includes a female adaptation of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus, a musical about Sasquatch, and an historical drama about 17th Century Venetian nuns. At this time, her passions lie in reimagined classics, theatre for young audiences, little-known history, dramaturgy, and highly physical interdisciplinary performance work.


Zoe Katsilerou

Zoe is a dancer, musician, singer, theatre maker and improviser. Currently based in Glasgow, Scotland, Zoe works across Europe. Her current practice focuses on the relationship between voice and movement, with a particular interest in storytelling as an inspiration for choreography. Zoe is a co-founder of ICEBERG improv, a group of international improvisers which explores the integration of disciplines within improvisation. She is an associate of DUENDE, Sura Medura, SBC Theatre company, as well as a freelance performer and teacher, producing her own performances and workshops. In 2017, she founded The Moving Voice Laboratory in Glasgow, a space for performers, dancers and actors to investigate relationships between poetry and choreography. Zoe creates performances as a way of highlighting her observations of the world and aims to provoke discussions with her audience around politics, selfhood and community.



Alix Konadu

Alix is a performance artist based in Brussels working primarily within the discipline of acting with a specific interest in physical theatre. She studied acting at the Cours Florent Bruxelles and Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp. She has further developed skills in the aerial discipline of fixed-trapeze, within the realm of dance and movement and more recently has commenced an exploration of the world of African chant. In 2016 she played in a youth television series and today she is starring in the movie 'Binti' by Frederike Migom which will premiere on the big screen in 2019. In 2017 she graduated at the DUENDE School of Ensemble Physical theatre which encouraged her to start an ensemble - she invited a musician and a trapeze-artist to join her. Currently they are creating a new performance which will premiere in 2020. Alix has continued her research in the universal language of performance. Through this she seeks to investigate the role of performance as language, exploring the influences that inform it - emotional contexts, specific sites, audience and is intrigued by the simple needs and emotions that connect people and how complex they are to express. Her research focuses on the desire to communicate and to question this complex simplicity. 


Rebeca Medina

Rebeca Medina is a choreographer and a dancer originally from Colombia. In 2011, after getting her masters degree in interdisciplinary theater and live arts she moved to Brooklyn, New York, where she currently lives and work as a solo performer and ensemble member. She uses her body to enter into non-human or non-civilizational experiences of temporality. She accomplished this through the observation and embodiment of nature, a focus on movement that is detailed and that responds improvisationally to the environment around it at any given moment, and to the emphasis on the interplay of light and movement. Her practice as a mover is an constant exercise in the embodiment of the foreign. It is a practice of being in irrepressible bodies, bodies that not only move in space, but which grow, are deformed, and change the environment around them.

mei 2

Jiaoyin Mei

Jiaoyin Mei is based in Italy and China where she works as a physical performer, creativity dance teacher and researcher of art education. She holds a PhD in Educational theory and research, a Master in Arts therapy, a Bachelor in Contemporary Dance in Italy. As part of DUENDE she has performed in Performing on the Edge #5.

Athi photo

Anthi Roropoulou

Anthi is a physical performer and yoga instructor based in Greece. She’s currently running yoga lessons at “Ektos” artspace and teaches yoga at Present being performer laboratory. She is a 300 hours certified yoga instructor (Y.A.I.) IN Vinyasa flow yoga,Nidra yoga and Aerial yoga by BFS Academy. She graduated from Duende school of ensemble physical theatre in 2016 and attended DUENDE's Performing at the Edge #5 in Lesbos island, Greece. She trained with Aliki Dourmazer at Present being performer laboratory for 3 years, in many theme workshops ( Project M* , Vertical time) and personal training at physical research and voice. Being passionate about theatre as a teenager she attended many laboratories trying to find out which one fits her best and she started her theatre studies at Vasilis Diamantopoulos Drama school with a scholarship. Furthermore, she has been trained in dance from an early age. She is performing as a freelance artist for the last 5 years in several performances : “Her body”, “The prophet”, “Ready”, “Infinity” and in one of DUENDE's Collision Performances in Thessaloniki. She, also took part in the short films “Normal”, “8:02”. Anthi is interested in body research, performing and combining yoga, physical theater, voice and dance.


Aimilia Siafarika

Aimilia Siafarika is an actress/ physical performer and theatre translator currently living and working in Greece. She holds a BA from the department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpretation of the Ionian University and a degree from the Drama School "Dilos- Dimitra Hatoupi" where she studied acting. Having a strong urge to explore theatre through movement, in 2016 she studied and graduated from the Duende School of Ensemble Physical Theatre. In 2017 she became a core member of the theatre group “Kaleidoskopio”- a group devising and creating physical theatre performances for children.
She loves challenging herself by exploring territories that initially scared her such as dance, music and improvisation.


Nefeli Stamatogiannopoulou

Nefeli Stamatogiannopoulou has participated in many kinds of performances, theatrical plays and films as a composer, performer or director. She is a nominated composer. She has presented her work at the Short Film Festival in Drama, the Aeschylean Festival in Eleusina, the Performing Arts festival in Limnos, the theatre of Neos Kosmos, the Athens Concert Hall: Megaron, the National Theatre’s Experimental stage, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Center, the NEZ festival in India, the Kadikoy Teatr, Art Festival Berlin, the Grotowski Institute etc. She is collaborating with a lot of universal artistic groups, most of all with the Duende ensemble, Milena Principle, Teatr Andra. She is the founding member of the musical group Spooky RedRum and the research artistic group Oν OFF. She began her music education from an early age, however, composition is what won her over. She participated in masterclasses – intensive schools, on physical theatre and voice under the supervision of Grotowski Institute, the Song of the Goat Theatre, L.I.S.P.A., Linklater Voice Center and others. She finished her postgraduate studies at the department of Composition for film, theatre and performing arts of the Ionian University, where she is a PhD candidate. She is exploring a lot - rhythm and voice- and composition as an instructor.


Dariya Trubina

Dariya Trubina is a Russian-Italian artist and performer currently based in Venice (Italy), but actively traveling to many places. She graduated from DUENDE School of Ensemble Physical Theatre (2016) and since then got involved in a number of projects in different art fields. She appeared in several independent theatre plays and short movies in Bologna, participated in workshops and other activities concerning theatre practice, voice and the interrelation of performative arts in general (with people such as Mamadou Dioume, Instabili Vaganti, Grotowski Workcenter actors). She has also collaborated with various photographers, touching the subjects of nudity, isolation and paradox. Currently she is developing a mixed media art project (photography, collage, painting..), researching the interrelation of gentrification and art environment. She also enjoys the philosophical investigation of themes such as language, home and belonging.


Judita Vivas

Judita Vivas is a Lithuanian actress and physical theatre artist. She is a Founder and Co-Director of Foxtale Ensemble (international female theatre collective) as well as Double Trouble (female theatre-duo with Miriam Gould). Since 2008, Judita has trained with a number of international physical theatre practitioners and companies, and worked on solo as well as ensemble performance projects in Europe and the UK. In 2018 Judita joined Acting Now, a social theatre company, as an applied physical theatre practitioner. She is interested in a collaborative approach to making theatre, including interdisciplinary collaborations. Her performances are physically and visually dynamic, drawing on real stories, mythologies and autobiographical narratives. Judita holds a PhD in theatre studies from the University of Kent and regularly leads physical theatre workshops, where her work combines somatic sensitivity with movement and voice, ensemble work, storytelling and playful experimentation with tangible materials.


Yorgos Styl

Yoryos is an actor, a performer, a director, a script writer, conceptual artist and a voyager, currently based in Athens. He’s a graduate of Athens Conservatory Drama Academy. He conceived Improv-Acting practice (a combination of Improv and classical acting) and Yo!: Metamorphosis (a swiss-army kind of intra-techniques practice). Yoryos is the founder of Kaleidoscope 4, Εκ Παραδρομής, Gallactica, Why not? and Κυνικs theatrical/ performing companies and has participated in several theatrical productions and movies, but sometimes opts to create his own works in collaboration with other artists. He’s a proud Associate Artist of DUENDE. As a lover of space and human evolution, he tries to tie our modern way of life, technology and the core aspirations of people all together, mirroring what we are over what we believe we are or what we want to become. Lately, Yoryos created an idea sharing platform as a tool of forming international project synergies and following a sharing ourselves mentality. Yukō!
More info: https://yoryosdreamscapes.jimdofree.com
Idea sharing platform: https://www.gotit.space


Stephanie Arsoska

Stephanie is a performer, facilitator and theatre-maker from Kirriemuir in Scotland with a particular interest in ensemble theatre practice. She trained as an actor with Cygnet Theatre Company, has a degree in Drama, Applied Theatre and Education from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, completed a post-graduate in Physical Theatre with Jasmin Vardimond’s Dance Company and has been training regularly with DUENDE since 2015. She is Artistic Director of Third Thread (www.thirdthread.co.uk) where she runs a young ensemble of actors, dancers and musicians aged 18-25 who train and perform together and as a performer she regularly participates in Icebergs’s WIG (Weekend of Improvisation in Glasgow). She has directed performances as part of National Theatre Connections, Dundee Rep’s Next Up, Chrysalis at the Traverse, Rep Stripped and Manipulate. In 2019 she completed an MEd in Teaching and Learning in the Performing Arts at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and currently teachers Ensemble Theatre Practice as part of the Rose Bruford Foundation in Acting and is a Performing Arts Lecturer at Dundee and Angus College.


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Noa Simhony

Noa is an improviser and teacher of theater and physical improvisation , currently based in Greece.

Originally from Israel she has studied extensively in the fields of theater, healing movement and improvisation and holds a BA from the University of Haifa in Community Theater.

After graduating in 2015 from The DUENDE School of Ensemble Physical Theater in Athens, she started to use the tools of DUENDE such as the practice of the Ball game in order to expose non-performers to the DUENDE's ethics and work.

Her practice and passion revolves around the work with non-performers and the way improvisation and play can act as a tool of development in communities. First by connecting people with their body-mind awareness, creativity and sense of belonging, and then investigating together the dynamic relationships between the individual and others in the group and finding new ways to communicate and grow.

She is running classes and private sessions of movement improvisation and for the first time since arriving in Paros, facilitating a group of community physical–theater.
She is currently working on creating an ART house for artists.