We are performers.
We know performance.
We make performance.
We train performers.

  • DUENDE School training is practical, detailed, ensemble and physical.
  • DUENDE training is based in clear principles; positivity, joy, passion, self-discipline, mental strength, physical expressivity, intellectual rigour and deep respect for the craft of the performer.
  • DUENDE training combines physical technique, expressive skills, presence, creativity, liveness, playfulness, ensemble connectedness, improvisation and self confidence. We train skilful, fearless performers.
  • DUENDE training is ensemble. The heart of performance is communication: DUENDE training develops the self in relationship with others.
  • DUENDE trains body and mind. Our work is psychophysical - treating mental and physical development as inter-related and holistic.
  • We celebrate the creative possibilities of interdisciplinary, international and intercultural collaboration.
  • We train across disciplines. We don’t ask: ‘Is this theatre? Is this dance? Is this circus?’ We ask: ‘Is this passionate. Is this live? Is this necessary?’
  • DUENDE trains performers to learn, AND to learn how to learn.

DUENDE performers learn to develop, grow and adapt throughout life- long creative careers.

The School is run by Artistic Director of DUENDE, John Britton, with additional teaching from DUENDE’s team of Artists. Regular teaching will be supplemented by occasional Masterclasses.

‘Self-With-Others’, the method of training individuals in ensemble created by John Britton which underpins all DUENDE’s work, is the foundation of the school’s pedagogy.


The DUENDE School is run by DUENDE’s Artistic Director, John Britton. He does the majority of the teaching as well as directing the final production. The second main teacher will be one of DUENDE's core team of Artists.

Additional teaching will be by members of DUENDE’s team of Associate Artists.

PLEASE NOTE: All teaching will be in English.


DUENDE is not affiliated to any University or other Institution. On successfully completing all three modules and the Performance you will receive a Certificate from DUENDE detailing your training and confirming your skill in the area of Ensemble Physical Theatre.

Athens 2019

October 14th - December 19th

The Fifth DUENDE School of Ensemble Physical Theatre will take place in Athens in Autumn 2019. We will be working in Griffon Dance Studio - a fantastic Studio , Argolidos 48 & Riankour Avenue, Panormou Metro Station

Course Structure and Dates:

We work long days. Personal warm-up starts at 9.30am with group training starting at 10.00. Each day ends with 45 minutes of performances - usually ending around 6.30-7pm. The work is long, intense, all-consuming.

Modules 1 & 2 take place simultaneously - #1 in the mornings, #2 in the afternoons during the first four weeks of the course.

Module #1

Core Training (70 hours)
Monday 14th October - Friday 8th November (weekdays)
09.30 - 13.00

Students will encounter DUENDE’s core training; ‘Self-With-Others’. Through a combination of fixed exercises, structured and free physical improvisation, and detailed feedback, you will develop detailed knowledge of your physical capacities, habits of thought, blockages, strengths, and the details workings of your bodymind. In the work you will learn to apply the key working principles and techniques that underpin DUENDE’s work, principles and techniques that are directly transferable to any other style and language of performance.

The heart of DUENDE is performance. This module teaches you how to perform.

Module #2

Physical and Vocal Improvisation (70 hours)
Monday 14 October - Friday 8th November (weekdays)
14.30 - 18.00

In this module you are taught core performance skills; vocal (voice and speech), physical (choreographic, rhythmic and lift/balance work) and creative/expressive. You will be expected to explore and communicate your skills through developing your ability and confidence as a solo, duet and ensemble improvisor. You will apply the core training of Module #1 to your developing performance technique.

At the end of these two modules, there will be an informal sharing of improvised performance work with an invited audience.

Module #3

Ensemble Physical Theatre (140 hours)
November 18th - December 19th
09.30 - 18.00

In this module you will translate the training of the first two modules into the process of creating, rehearsing and performing a fully-staged, directed work of Ensemble Physical Theatre. Throughout the module there will be a continuing process of ensemble and physical/vocal training. You will be expected to take responsibility for the development of the detail of your own performance and for making a full creative contribution to the work being rehearsed, under the direction of DUENDE’s Artistic Director John Britton.


15-18 December

There will be three full public performances of your work. These will be professional standard Ensemble Physical Theatre.

PLEASE NOTE: All teaching will be in English.


Students will pay a total of €1495 (Greek residents) or €2295 (non-Greek residents).
Once you have been accepted into the School, a deposit of €400 is required to confirm your place. These fees cover:

  • Attendance at The DUENDE School.
  •  Access to a full downloadable recording of the final performance.
  • A certificate of successful completion of the course, detailing the curriculum and hours of study.

They do not cover your travel, accommodation or living costs. These are your responsibility and you should consider them carefully before applying.


The entire duration of the Course is less than the 120 days that are usually permitted for those from outside Europe to enter the Eurozone. However you should check with the authorities in your own country about your eligibility when applying for a Visa. DUENDE is a private company, registered in the UK, not affiliated to any University or other Institution.


Before applying please ensure you have read the information about how the school will run and the Module Structure.

The minimum age for applications is 19.

Applicants are expected to have prior training in performance or a physical training discipline and to demonstrate a commitment to themselves as Physical Performers.

First Stage of Applications

Please contact School Administrator Eva Tsourou with enquiries and questions (administration@duende-ensemble.com)

To apply you need to submit a full CV (including photograph). Photographs/video/links to video of performance work are also welcome.

Second Stage of Applications

We need to know a little more about your work. There are three ways that this can happen:

A. You need to attend (or to have attended in the past) a workshop run by one of the DUENDE team.


B. You need to attend a private session with one of the DUENDE team.


C. You need to send us a video (or a link to a video) which shows you doing a
3 - 5 minute physical improvisation. You can talk/sing/make sound, but the main focus of the improvisation is physical expressivity. You can use this improvisation to introduce yourself - through performance - as a Physical Performer.

Who Should Apply?

The DUENDE School offers professional level, cutting-edge, contemporary training in ensemble physical performance, directed and delivered by international experts. We will do everything we can to offer you the best possible education, training you in specific skills and setting you up for a life
of growth and experimentation as a performer. That’s our commitment to you.

To make the most of this, and to ensure that you contribute fully to the work of the school and the others in the ensemble, there are some simple expectations that we place on you as a student:

  • Attendance at all sessions is obligatory. Unexplained or unjustifiable absence will lead to a student being removed from the course. In such a case there will be no refund of fees.
  • All students must ensure that they are physically fit and able to
    undertake a detailed and rigorous physical training. Both before and during the course, it is essential that students take responsibility for their fitness and health.
  • All students are expected to complete Modules #1 & #2 to a satisfactory level if they are to proceed to Module #3. If they fail to do so, 80% of
    their fees for the final module will be returned to them.
  • Students are expected to be unconditionally supportive of the work of their colleagues in the Ensemble. We will train, rehearse, perform and
    learn as an ensemble, founded on mutual respect and acceptance of
  • The underlying approach DUENDE teaches is based on pleasure, discipline and passion. If you are addicted to being miserable, half-hearted and cynical, please do not apply.