A simple sequence of steps to create precise, live, repeatable, text-based scenes

You are given some text. You must prepare a scene. This is the actor’s job.

Where do you start?
What comes first?
How do the elements of performance combine?
How do you stop your performance feeling dead when you come to deliver?
How do you calm your nerves and focus on task?
How do you create details you can repeat as many times as you need to perform - always ‘as if for the first time’?


Based on three-decades of directing, teaching and performing, this course will give you a direct and memorable framework for exploring, creating and performing any scene - for camera or live performance.


It will be delivered online over five days - a two-hour class each day. 

Over those five days, we will explore the journey from starting exploration to final delivery of a piece of text. 

The five steps are:


Working from a piece of Shakespearean text and based in my unique psychophysical approach to training, the course will help you become present, confident and disciplined as you explore, rehearse and deliver performance.

We will work with Shakespeare because it’s hard - a core acting skill is the ability to understand and deliver complex language and thought, without losing spontaneity, physicality and presence.


Course structure.

Prior to starting you will be sent four short (well-known) pieces of Shakespearean text and asked to choose one to focus on. You will be encouraged to find different readings of the speech online, to see how an actor’s choices can bring radically different meanings to a text.

We will meet online over five sessions. Each class will take you to the next step of scene-creation, combining discussion of the theory and practice of performance with practical exercises. They will take place on Zoom

 with plenty of time for questions along the way. Classes will be recorded for you to refer back to whenever you want.

After the fifth class you will be invited to post a video of your finished performance (max. length: two minutes) in a private Whatsapp group and receive feedback from me and other participants. All feedback will be supportive and positive.

You will emerge from the course with a clear structured way of encountering any text and preparing detailed performances - especially when rehearsing on your own.


 8th - 12th July (inclusive).

Class times 3.30 - 5.30pm (UK) 5.30-7.30pm (Greece) 8.00 - 10.00pm (India)
Maximum Course Size: 15
Price: £65/€70/INR6000