2 Jul – 17 Jul 2020

For the 9th year, The DUENDE School invites you to attend a residential performance workshop on the beautiful Greek Island of Lesvos:

For two weeks we will work at the edges between...

land & sea

Europe & Asia

theatre & dance

music & text

structure & improvisation

‘I’ & ‘ensemble’

In a remote country house on the edge of the sea, you will train, rehearse, improvise, perform, learn, encounter, grow - alongside a small international group of artists taught by DUENDE Artists and Associates.

The Workshop

Each day there will be a three-hour session of Core Training in Ensemble Physical Theatre (Self-With-Others). The training will focus on liveness, physical expressivity, ensemble, improvisation, pleasure.

Each evening there will be further training led by members of DUENDE’s core team, focusing on performance skills, ensemble development, exploring the environment and developing presence and connection.

Each day the ensemble will work together, in the olive grove behind the house, to develop performance work on the edge between the rehearsed and the improvised.

Each evening there will be performances. If you want to, you can offer improvised or semi-structured performances - taking advantage of a safe enivornment in which to experiment, risk and enjoy the freedom to be a performer.

At the end of both weeks there will be a sharing of work - on the edge of land and sea, where Europe ends and, just across the water, Asia starts.

These two weeks will ask you to be an artist at the edges of what you know. You will peer over the edge into the unknown, and DUENDE will support you as you go places you have never been before.

You will work on yourself, work in ensemble, expand and deepen your skills, connect with others who share a passion for being a performer. We will be driven by the pursuit of our pleasure.

The work will be intense, physically-demanding, joyous. The sun will be hot. The sea will be cool. The food freshly-cooked.

The ensemble will be whatever we make it.



2nd - 17th July 2019

July 2nd - Arrival in Mitilene (Lesvos). Travel to Fara (arranged by DUENDE).
July 3rd - 16th Workshop .
July 17th - Transport to Mitilene (arranged by DUENDE) for onward travel.


Fara - a house on the edge of the sea about 90 minutes drive from Mitilene (capital of Lesvos). Participants will make their own travel arrangements to and from Mitilene (though we can advise).


The full cost of the workshop is €1095 . This covers all food, accommodation, transport between Mitilene and Fara, and the workshop. This breaks down to €680 for the workshop (just under €50 per day) and €415 for food, accommodation and travel to/from Papados (the last village before Fara 15km).

If you have worked with John Britton/DUENDE before (for a minimum of 5 days training) there is a discount of €200. So for those who have worked with DUENDE before, the total cost of the workshop is €895.

A scholarship price is offered to GREEK PERFORMERS ONLY who have worked with DUENDE previously. The Scholarship price is €495. Please contact DUENDE if you would like to discuss this.

Terms: A non-refundable deposit of €200 is required to confirm your place, once an offer has been made to you. Your place is not confirmed until the deposit is received. The deposit is non-refundable. Full payment is due by June 1st 2019. If you cancel after that date, your payment is not refundable. If you cancel before June 1st - having already paid the full amount - the balance will be refunded (minus deposit) if DUENDE manage to fill your space in the workshop.


It is extremely important that this workshop delivers a rich and challenging experience to all participants. To ensure this we ask, if you want to apply for one of the 16 available places, to send a brief outline of your career/training to date (a CV will do) and a short statement of what you would like to gain from attending this workshop. This process helps ensure that no one attends the workshop who is really looking for something else, and that there is a range and depth of experiences in the workshop that will contribute to the experience of all participants.

If you have worked with DUENDE or John Britton before, could you remind us where (and possibly even send a photograph!).

We will not ask for any payment from you until we have confirmed that we are able to offer you a place on Performing at the Edge #9.

Please send applications by email to administration@duende-ensemble.com