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India – Performance Residency

International Physical Theatre Residency

3rd – 12th March, near Bengaluru

This is an introduction to ‘Self-With-Others’ – an improvisation-based physical approach to performance training. The work will focus on core performance skills including presence, liveness, spontaneity, reactivity and the detailed structuring of physical performance.

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Bookings: / 0 98691 75484 / 0 97179 96568


Performing at the Edge #9

2 Jul – 17 Jul 2020

For the 9th year, The DUENDE School invites you to attend a residential performance workshop on the beautiful Greek Island of Lesvos:

For two weeks we will work at the edges between…

land & sea

Europe & Asia

theatre & dance

music & text

structure & improvisation

‘I’ & ‘ensemble’Read More

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Duende School – Summer Intensive

21 Jul 2019  – 28 Jul 2020

This 6-day workshop takes place in the same Lesvos venue as ‘Performing at the Edge’ – a remote valley on the edge of the Mediterranean sea. Each day you will participate in DUENDE’s core training, in dance/choreographic work, in improvisation and in small performance making tasks, alone and in groups. The workshop offers an encounter with (or a reminder of) the daily routine of The DUENDE School, and is especially suitable for those who have already attended the School or who want to experience the work with a view to auditioning/applying. It is also suitable for those who wish to have some intensive professional training in physical theatre during this summer.Read More

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Athens – Teacher Training: Self-With-Others; The pedagogy of experiential learning

16th – 21st November 2020

This residential training is an immersive experience in the practice and theory of Self-with-Others (SwO), and the philosophies it derives from. Open to practising trainers, teachers, facilitators, performers, community organisers and educators.