For the first time in Europe, DUENDE is offering to train a small group the fundamentals of teaching Self-With-Others (SWO).

SWO is a principle-based, psychophysical training created by John Britton, initially to train performers, but now also used with non-performers in corporate, health, educational, therapeutic and community settings.

SWO is a powerful approach to structuring and delivering high quality teaching and learning experiences. It offers a pedagogically rigorous framework for delivering experiential learning.

Principle-based: SWO is based in an interlocking network of key principles; precise ways of thinking which offer learners healthy, creative, fearless and confidence-enhancing strategies for harnessing and directing their thoughts.

Psychophysical: the training offers approaches that encourage the learner to work towards integration of mind and body, thought and action. It is a holistic approach to understanding the human mechanism.

Key Areas:


The six key principles of SWO.
The relationship of principles and creativity
Mentally healthy approaches to pursuing excellence and developing self-discipline

Experiential Learning

The five stages of experiential learning
Three intersecting pedagogies at work in successful designed exercises
Positive Feedback – its power and structure
The psychology of flow/optimal experience


Understanding the neuroscience of experiential learning
Embodying learning through emphasising pleasure
Self-observation and self-reflection

During the workshop you will encounter key areas of understanding which will help you both to use SWO in your work and to adapt it to suit your own needs, approaches, and groups.

Areas covered will include:

Applying and deepening principles
Understanding experiential learning
Creating effective teaching exercises and structures
Enhancing Psychophysical integration
Giving and receiving positive feedback
Developing self-observation and interpersonal communication
Embodied cognition

Each day will consist of participating in training in Self With Others, discussion of key theoretical and conceptual structures, times for personal and shared reflection on, and discussion of, the pedagogy underpinning SWO. Participants must be willing to engage fully in the physical training sessions.

Suitable for (but not limited to): Performers, Directors/Choreographers, Trainers, Teachers, Academics, Community/NGO workers, Corporate Trainers, Therapists.

Participants will leave with experience of participation in SWO training, understanding of the theoretical and pedagogical structures of SWO, perspectives on the application of SWO to their own processes of teaching/learning, key perspectives to help them challenge and enhance their functioning as teacher/facilitator of creative processes.

As SWO offers a foundational approach to training across disciplines, participants will leave with a deeply embodied sense of what it is to teach and to learn.


The course will run in Athens, Greece from November 16th – 21st 2020 (6 days), from 10am until 5.30pm

Fees will be €950 (non-Greek participants); €550 (Greek participants)
All teaching will be in English.

The Facilitator

John Britton is an internationally renowned performer, director and educator. He created SWO in response to a fascination with the interpersonal nature of ensemble performance – research which took him into the heart of exploring how we communicate and learn from one another. For a number of years he was Senior Lecturer at Huddersfield University (UK) where he ran an MA based on Self-With-Others. Since leaving he has been sharing SWO across Europe, America, Asia and Australia, as well as performing, directing and mentoring. John Is the author of two books ‘Encountering Ensemble’ (Methuen 2013) and ‘Climbing The Mountain’ (Leonora Press 2017) as well as a number of articles for academic journals.