The DUENDE School

The DUENDE School of Ensemble Physical Theatre is a professional training intitative based in Self-With-Others. Usually working out of Greece, sometimes it operates in other countries. Details of forthcoming sessions at The DUENDE School are below:

The DUENDE School – Collective Creation
October 19th – November 13th

Teacher Training Week
16th – 21st November


At the heart of DUENDE’s training work is a programme of rural residential workshops. Upcoming residencies are detailed below:

Physical Theatre Residency
3-12 March; Bangalore, India

Performing at the Edge #9
2 – 17 July; Lesvos, Greece

Physical Theatre Summer Intensive
21 – 28 July; Lesvos,Greece

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DUENDE Artists run occasional short and mid-length training workshops. Details of upcoming workshops can be found here.Read More